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Headquarters for Balmoral Trading

The new headquarters for Balmoral Trading are situated at Kettering Venture Park and were procured using a design and build contract.

Extensive liaison between the client, design team and contractor produced a successful building and a satisfied client.

The geotechnical investigation revealed the presence of a soft soil layer close to the surface. The chosen solution was the installation of vibro replacement stone columns which enabled the project to proceed with the minimum disruption to program and effect on costs.

The skewed entrance feature with its curved glazing created a stylish and spacious reception area which acts as a focal point both from within the building and from outside.

The elegant, internal curved wall, glazing and staircase presented interesting design and detailing interfaces.

BCAL were responsible for both the civil and structural engineering aspects of the design.

Client : Balmoral Trading

Architect : Peter Haddon & Partners

Contractor : Swallow Construction