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CDM Consultant / Principal Designer


The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations were introduced in 1995 to help reduce accidents and ill health in the construction industry, and apply to all construction work. The latest version of these regulations came into effect in April 2015 and made significant changes.

Anyone undertaking construction work is legally bound to appoint a Principal Designer as soon as possible.  BCAL can either act as the Principal Designer or as a CDM Consultant to advise the Client / Principal Designer on the regulations.

The Principal Designer must plan, manage, monitor and coordinate Health & Safety in the pre-construction phase taking into account the principles of prevention.  They must prepare and provide relevant information to the other duty holders and assure effective communication within the design team.  They must ensure designers comply with their duties and provide information about significant risks that cannot be eliminated.  They must liaise with the Principal Contractor during the construction phase, prepare a Health & Safety File and ensure that it is reviewed and updated during the course of the project.

The Principal Designer’s duties now also apply to domestic projects.

BCAL are a certified member of the Association for Project Safety and have been advising clients on the Regulations since 1995.

Our client list includes:


BAM Developments/ Construction

Booker plc

Buckinghamshire County Council



Imperial College, London

Kier Construction



Unilever UK Central Resources Ltd