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Pre-Planning Assessments


Pre-Planning assessments are required on most significant developments to enable planning authorities to consider the proposal in full.

Assessments are normally carried out at the initial stage on a project as the results may have a significant impact on the development proposal. The studies will identify the adverse effect of the development on the existing highway and drainage network, identify the problem areas and will propose, in principal, solutions to these problems.

Transport assessments may include assessing alternative means of transport for either goods and/or workforce. BCAL have carried out studies of road, rail, canal and waterway in formulating the transport needs of developments. The extent of the assessment is governed by the development proposed and local authority consultation. The transport issues arising from medium to large-scale projects will include public transport assessments as well as reviewing the potential for walking and cycling.

Flood Risk Assessments involve negotiations with the Environment Agency at an early stage. Problems may be revealed that require engineering solutions such as on-site balancing, identifying outfalls or compensatory flood storage if building near rivers and watercourses. The culverting or diverting of natural watercourses may also be required.