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Privacy & Cookie Policy

If you have completed an online enquiry form or an online vacancy application form you may have provided us with some personal information.

Brian Cole Associates Ltd trading as BCAL Consulting, fully endorse and adhere to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Consent under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 1998 - the information given to Brian Cole Associates Limited in relation to applying for an advertised vacancy will be processed only by Brian Cole Associates Limited for the purpose of considering your application for employment. If you are successful in your application we will gather further information from you, for example bank details, next of kin, once your employment begins.  The application form and the information in it will be retained in your HR file for such time as you are an employee of Brian Cole Associates Limited and for up to 6 years after the end of your employment.  If your application is not successful this form will only be retained by Brian Cole Associates Limited for so long as it is required in connection with your application, usually 6 to 12 months.

If we have sought your consent to keep your data on file for future job vacancies, and you have provided consent, we will keep your data for 12 months once the recruitment exercise ends. At the end of this period, we will delete and destroy your data unless you have already withdrawn your consent to our processing your data, in which case it will be deleted or destroyed upon your withdrawal of consent.

If you have completed an online enquiry form to find out more about our services or to provide feedback, this information will only be used for the purpose of responding to your enquiry.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are little pieces of information which pass between any website you are visiting and your computer, tablet or smartphone.

They can be used to record how long you spend on a webpage, what links you click, even your preference for page layouts and colour schemes. They can also be used to store data on what is in your ‘shopping cart’, or tailor the adverts you see online to reflect your interests.

How We Use Cookies

Whilst we do not explicitly use any cookies ourselves for the operation of the website, we do use Google Analytics which does use small unobtrusive cookies.

Google Analytics is a tool we use to provide us with information on the use of our website. For example, it tells us the number of visitors the site receives every day, where they have come from, what content they access and how long they spend on the site. This helps us to understand how our website is used and helps to inform its future development. Google Analytics only provides aggregated data and does not collect personal information - so we can't tell which individuals have visited the site or how they have made use of it.

By the continued use of this website without making changes to your cookie settings in your browser, we assume you are providing your consent.

You can change your privacy and security settings to prevent the use of cookies by amending your browser settings and/or configuration.

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